Lily of the Valley florist

Product #021

The flowers were great and the service was amazing they really took the time to go the exstra mile Vicky and Jeanett are brilliant


Mrs and MR Smith.

Popular Flowers

Product #02

Roses are definitely for the romantic, red especially gives that valentine look.

Product #02

Gerbera and germini, the Gemini is smaller than the gerbera they have become quite the fashion these days as there are such beautiful and unusual colours available, two tone, stripy ones etc

Product #04

Stargazers are a lily, they have a gorgeous scent, normally you will have 2 blooms open at a time when the buds start to open just cut off the old flower and your arrangement will look beautiful for approx. 3 weeks. The lily has pollen, when it opens please take out the pollen before it bursts as this will stain most items.

Product #05

Chrysanths are long lasting and do well as a filler in a vase, it gives a country daisy look.

Product #01

The umbalatum lily is similar to the stargazer, smaller in size, they don’t have a scent, they come in a range of colours creamy, yellow, orange, burnt orange, and pinks.

Product #03

Casablanca lily, an element of purity, is just the same as the star gazer it has a  gorgeous scent but is pure white.



Proteas last very well, they don’t need much caring for and give a very bold look, especially if done as a singular bloom in a vase.


Tulips are seasonal flowers available in spring watch how they grow in length in your vase


Gladioli, come in a range of colours, new colours are being brought out all the time, they flower from the base of the stem up, as a new bud opens the old one dies, pick off and you will be rewarded with longer lasting flowers, if you would like them to open quicker pluck off the tops of the stems.



Alstroemaria, used to be called Inca lily they are a very pretty filler.


11Anthiriums are long lasting they come in all colours and all sizes they are best used on their own to give a classical look in the vase, or used in the traditional mass arrangements to give the focal points.



12Gypsofila, there are different kinds available. Matricaria is the largest heads then Gypsofila has a medium size head, million stars is the newer addition which is the most popular of them all, baby’s breath is a finer head.