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The flowers were great and the service was amazing they really took the time to go the exstra mile Vicky and Jeanett are brilliant


Mrs and MR Smith.

5 of 5 Stars!

Gift Certificate FAQ

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How long before my wedding should I contact the florist

Depending on how elaborate you would want your floral displays to be - a simple wedding can be booked from 6-3 months before the day, if having extensive floral displays book a year to 6 months in advance. Also consider is your day near valentine, mother’s day etc. book well in advance and also expect to pay more. Some months are busy wedding times eg January, March, April and December so book early if you want a particular supplier.



Are flowers the same price throught the year ?

Flowers vary in price, seasonal flowers are cheaper in their growing times, valentine, mother’s day, Christmas and other religious times flowers will cost more.


How much will my wedding flowers cost ?

The cost of the flowers will vary from R1000 to even R40 000 depending on how elaborate the décor. The average wedding flowers are R9000 for the chapel, reception and bouquets. If on a budget but still wanting the flowers to look nice R5000.



Will I need to pay a deposit for wedding flowers

Yes a deposit is required this keeps peace of mind knowing your day is booked and the florist then knows how many functions they have in advance.


How far in advacne should I book my wedding venue

This is the first place to book remember if you are going for a well-known venue and you have a specific date and can’t be flexible book 1-2 years in advance otherwise 1year – 6 months in advance will suffice.


Seasonal avaliblitly of flowers

Different types of flowers are not always available throughout the year please check with us about seasonal availability